Signs You Are in Love With Your Friend

Signs You Are in Love With Your Friend

Love is not linear, and often times it sneaks up on you just as bafflingly as it leaves you.

Falling in and out of love is an invincible and dizzying process.

A big part of what makes love so scary and why we go to great lengths to “secure” it.

When we are in love, we are usually the last to know. But when someone we love develops feelings, it is as if we have a sixth sense that sends alarm bells blaring 24/7.

If you suspect your feelings towards your friend are morphing into something else, read on.

What are the signs we should be looking out for when knowing that we are in love with that “friend”?

  1. You turn to them when things get stressful

You’re not sure why you do this, but they just seem so stable and secure. They can ground you and be your rock when things feel a bit crazy. You don’t believe in heroes, but their voice just takes you to be a better place and you feel like maybe things will be OK and are not as bad as they seem. They don’t take your problems away but they sure do make things feel more normal.

2. You want to touch them

A hug, punch, pinch, kick, or kiss- you are constantly looking for ways to touch them. A squeeze to know that they are your friend and there for you as much as they are your unsuspecting victim. Mostly, you just want to see how they react.

3. You share music or make music together

A lot of people say making music is a lot like making love and this is no exception. Friends who play together develop crushes and share an intense emotional bond. They just get you and share your vibe.

4. You get jealous of the people in their life

You want all of their affection, all of the time. This one is tricky, because loneliness can sometimes make the best of us clingy. Listen to how deep your desire for companionship is. If you feel like it goes beyond “being seen and understood” and into “building a foundation for a sustainable future” territory then it is likely you are dealing with more than a fleeting crush.

5. You hold back

Feelings are quite scary to have when you have something to lose. The fear of rejection may not be a bad thing and especially not in this case, as it signals to you just how sincere those feelings are.

To make sure that this is not just a fantasy, do try to test yourself with these questions:

  • Which type of connections do I find most appealing? Emotional, physical, or a combination of both, for example.
  • Can I see myself sharing my life with this person?
  • Do I want to experience different types of intimacy with them? Or do I just want more of what we already have?
  • Is a general desire for physical intimacy complicating my platonic love for them?
  • Do I actually desire romantic love, or is it something I’m pursuing because people think I should?

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