Introduction to K-beauty

Introduction to K-beauty

Thousands of Korean beauty products exist on the market today, and new products are continuously introduced at an astounding rate. Given that, it’s not uncommon for Korean women to spend up to 40 minutes on their typical skincare routines, using two-dozen products, twice each day.

With 8-step, 12-step, “glass-skin”, “honey skin”, the Korean skincare industry seems to be the absolute authority on skin.

They set the standard, and us mortals try our best to keep up.

So, is there any real weight behind this? and how did it come to be:

A Brief History of K-Beauty

Koreans have a longstanding and immense passion for taking care of their skin. In ancient Korean culture, it was believed that outward beauty reflected the inner self; that true beauty came from having radiant skin. Since 700 B.C.,

Koreans have been researching, developing and documenting skincare methods. These methods were designed to get at the root of problems, not just to hide or mask imperfections. They believed, and still believe, it is never enough for skin to appear flawless, skin must actually be flawless.

This great cultural emphasis on beauty coupled with a great market opportunity, resulted in what the Korean Beauty standard/industry is today.

Owning It: The Influence of K-beauty Today

Industry and pop culture has such power in Korea (Read:capitalism), that they export an image of beauty and have built an entire brand around it.

As with all beauty standards, they are often shaped by trends and are rarely stagnant.

However, K-beauty does have some staples which are as follows:

  • Blemish free skin
  • High bridge nose
  • Skinny nose
  • V shaped nose
  • Large eyes

Societal and Cultural Habits

Have you seen the faces of the boys of BTS? F l a w l e s s.

Men are not afraid of taking care of their skin the same way women do. It’s almost as if both men and women’s skins are made of the same things and Shocking.

Korea’s open mindedness and positive attitude towards skincare has won them the right and trust of the new generation (read: enlightened, non-misogynistic) and so have solidified their place as skincare authority.

Those who truly enjoy taking care of their skin will undoubtedly also benefit and look more youthful. They pay close attention to their skin’s changing conditions due to variations in weather, stress and hormones, to name a few. They make sure to adjust their routines to address any issues such variations may cause.

Essentially, the kbeauty philosophy is that – if you love and take care of your skin, it shows.

And unsurprisingly, this philosophy has rang true and brought back mega bucks.

Constant Innovation: More, more, more beauty.

The chase for ultimate beauty is a never ending one and make up junkies worldwide will tell you that, like fashion, that’s part of the thrill.

Today, Korean beauty companies continue their pursuit for perfect skin by combining centuries-old knowledge with new and innovative, state-of-the-art technologies. Their continued and relentless research has resulted in breakthrough inventions that are now used and loved worldwide.

Currently, the market worships youth and focuses on maintaining a look frozen in time, rather than embracing natural ageing gracefully.

But soon that might change.

Skincare innovation, the right attitude, and beautiful packaging has made kbeauty into what it is today.

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