ASIS-TOBE: The Award-Wining Drugstore Brand Singaporean MUAs Are Using

ASIS-TOBE: The Award-Wining Drugstore Brand Singaporean MUAs Are Using

We here at voixdestyle love good skincare and cosmetics.

We are absolute beauty and make up junkies. So when a Korean drugstore brand comes into our radar with pharmaceutical grade formulations, we are thrilled.

We found this brand on Instagram one fine day and took a deeper dive.

Despite our initial reservations, believe us when we say that we were not disappointed. This glow pick award-winner holds its weight in formulation and results.

ASIS-TOBE is the skincare gift that just keeps on giving.

Here is what their brand story is:

Great skin is healthy skin. Established in 2016 in South Korea with four skincare products, ASIS-TOBE has grown into an international award-wining brand with their pharmaceutical grade skincare and cosmetic products sold worldwide. ASIS-TOBE prides themselves on being the expert on Asian skin, and focuses on bringing quality beauty products at an affordable price. The packaging is minimal to suit a simpler, healthier, minimalistic lifestyle. Embodying the “Assisting to become”philosophy, ASIS-TOBE believes in a focused and simplified lifestyle and skincare routine. Its hypoallergenic high quality formulas are designed to achieve the goal of better skin without the bells and whistles of traditional cosmetics: only pure, simple effective ingredients to achieve better skin for you. All ASIS-TOBE products have an irritancy score of: 0, meaning that it is so gentle that even a baby could use it.

So what do we think?

Where do we start…

From the sleek packaging to its award-wining hypoallergenic formulas, there are many things to love about this drugstore South Korean brand.

Their AHA toner and aqua boost cream are real game changers for those with dry but sensitive skin.

How much of a game changer? Well..

Their mineral sunscreen does not leave white residue and is so gentle that it can be used on a baby.

Their brightening and exfoliating toners have been tested and scored an irritancy score of 0.

This is absolutely major because most exfoliating toners are super harsh and corrosive to the skin.

Not only is ASIS-TOBE toner effectively exfoliating, but it is also gentle and kind to fragile skin (under eye area)

Their best sellers include:

  1. Hyaluronic Essential Toner

HA is an industry staple and skincare essential. For those who are unfamiliar or need a little reminder, HA is a moisturizing active beauty ingredient that penetrates and softens skin.

So with this toner, you can expect smooth, soft skin- goodbye texture and rough spots!

2. Blooming Rose Mask

It has been proven that using a facial sheet once a week can drastically improve skin tone. ASIS-TOBE’s blooming rose mask is made of bamboo fiber and rose essence to brighten skin and leave it feeling supple and sweet.

This mask smells heavenly.

3. Fresh Relief Moisturizer

Itchy, inflamed skin? Struggling with puffiness and just-about-to-break-out? This moisturizer is for you. As the name suggests, it will melt into and calm skin before any angry pimples get a chance to surface.

It does not feel heavy or clog pores. Your best anti-maskne friend!

4. Mineral Sunscreen

The holy grail of sunscreens. As mentioned previously, this one is one of their award winners. NO white cast whatsoever, no harsh chemicals, fragrances or stinging sensation.

Just goodness in a tube.

5.pH Balancing Gel Cleanser

This large bottle of cleanser can last a long time. The best part? It is gentle to skin (so its suitable for daily washing), and will balance your face pH levels to a comfortable 5.5

We searched high and low, but their products can be found on if you reside in Singapore and Malaysia.

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