Anti-Maskne Skincare: Try 57N

Anti-Maskne Skincare: Try 57N

In an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19, wearing a face mask has become part of our daily routine. It’s now required in many public places, such as restaurants and grocery stores, as a barrier against the new coronavirus that spreads through respiratory droplets.

If you develop breakouts from wearing a mask, you’re not alone. This condition, known as “maskne” (mask acne), is a common side effect of using a mask.

Maskne is caused by the build up of bacteria that accumulates and thrives due to humid weather, sweat, and moisture that gets trapped under layers of yuck.

Maskne doesn’t simply cause pimples, though. It may also result in skin issues including redness, bumpiness, and irritation.

If you’re concerned about maskne, fret not.

With skincare technology and skin science developments, we can prevent break outs under that mask and survive the pandemic without more pimples and stress!

  1. 57N Birch Water and Beta-Glucan Barrier Cream

Your first form of defense against maskne, is your skin’s natural barrier.

In order to maintain a healthy skin barrier, you have to make sure there are no micro tears, or opportunities for bacteria to enter and cause infection.

So in order to heal microscopic wounds, one can try a moisturizer rich in beta-glucan and birch water.

β-glucans enhance wound repair by increasing the infiltration of macrophages, which stimulates tissue granulation, collagen deposition and epithelialization. β-glucan wound dressings represent a suitable wound healing agent, with great stability and resistance to wound proteases.

Birch Water enhances blood circulation in the face- which in turn enhances healing.

Birch water comes from the Birch Tree, and its essence has been used as a beauty supplement for decades.

Its beauty and medicinal properties were first studied when the Birch Tree was observed to survive and thrive despite harsh and unforgiving winters.

It was soon discovered Birch water contained a compound that allowed for circulation in spite of deep frost.

Skincare experts were quick to jump on this observation and quickly infused products around the world with Birch water.

2. 57N Willow & B5 Calming Serum

Pro-Vitamin B5 helps to keep skin soft, smooth, and healthy. Deeply hydrating, it helps to keep skin quenched by absorbing moisture from the air (clever!). Also known as Pantothenic Acid, small quantities of Vitamin B5 are found in most foods – but you’d have to eat a lot to see any benefit.

Willow bark contains an ingredient called salicin, which your body makes into another chemical substance called salicylic acid.

This lightweight serum will absorb into your skin in seconds and leave it feeling hydrated and protected, with none of the stickiness.

It smells refreshing and does not leave a stinging sensation.

Although these products do not substitute the simple and healthy habit of washing your face regularly, it does help protect acne-prone skin with further breakouts.

The combination of cleanser, serum, and moisturizer along with healthy habits (clean fingers, regular washing) will help combat non-genetic acne breakouts.

You cannot replace your skin so it is best to take care of it well.

Remember to invest in a quality skincare routine and to keep it up with healthy habits. Soon, all your investments and discipline will pay off through glowing, clear skin.

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